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All the legal stuff...

In this page, we will provide you with our terms of service and hopefully we can address all your questions.

Price-beat policy:
We are trilled to be the largest events prop supplier in Australia. We have reached this milestone with the support and trust from our clients.
To give back to our clients, we are always thinking of ways how to help our clients with best possible quality products at the cheapest possible prices.
We have therefore decided to introduce price-beat policy in our NSW and VIC branches.
If you've received an invoice for a product we have manufactured or in the position to manufacture in NSW and VIC, we will beat the price by 20% given the following conditions are met:

  1. The supplier can meet our turnaround time and quality of our products.

  2. Price beat is not applicable to discounted invoices.

  3. Not every supplier is considered our competitor and as such price beat policy applies to certain suppliers. If a supplier is not eligible for our price beat policy, we will advise you once you reach out to us.

  4. The price you've received is such that after beating it by 20%, it does not pose financial lost to Arch House.

  5. The supplier is government registered as well as registered for GST.

  6. The supplier is located within NSW and VIC.


Arch House Australia often assists with packaing your products and having them ready for shipment. We are also happy to recommend shipping companies if you are looking for one.

Please note that you're responsible for arranging the delivery and any insurance if required. Arch House Australia will not take any responsiblity for the lost or damaged products during the delivery.


Please note that custom built products cannot be refunded.

If you have received a product which is entirely different to what you expected or were promised, we will open a case and start investigating it accordingly.

Custom built products cannot be refunded due to the product being built for a specific requirement or be of a specific nature. If you've received your custom made product and you're not satisfied with the product due to a mistake made by Arch House, we will work with you until we've the product fixed or make you an entirely new product.

Upon receiving your product, please inspect it for quality assurance and if there are any issues with the product, please report it to us within 24 hours from the time of receiving it. We will not accept reports of damages after 24 hours of the product being delivered to you.

There has been instances that clients have modified our products (painted) and have then reported issues with the product. Please note that if our product(s) is modified, we will not offer any refund/repairs.

If we are unable to come to a resolution, we will either replace your product or make a full refund for you. You may be asked to return the product at your own cost before your refund application is processed.

If you have received a faulty or damaged product while it was insured, please contact the shipping company directly to discuss your insurance claims.

Our line of business is considered "furniture" and most of the shipping companies do not insure the products.

To date, we have less than 1% refund application which means more than 99% of our products are successfully and satisfactory delivered to our respective clients.

All refund inquires are to be sent to and your invoice number quoted in the subject line.


When placing an order at Arch House Australia, we collect your personal information to assist you with a hassle-free experience. This information includes but not limited to; your full name, your email address, your residential address and your contact details.

This information is stored at Arch House Australia and is not sold or disclosed to third parties unless asked by Australian Law Enforcement Agencies.

If a law enforcement agency requests for your personal information, we will consult this with you first and ensure we have your consent in writing before releasing any such information.

Information or inquires relevant to "Privacy" can be directed to our legal department at


At Arch House Australia, we take the greatest pride to be the leaders of our industry with our innovative designs and quality products.

We put a lot of hard work when designing a new product and often we get these products copyrighted to Arch House through IP Australia.

We remain the sole owners of such designs and take immediate legal action against those who violate our copyright. Before replicating any of our products, please feel free to check with us first to ensure you're not risking a "going to court" situation. It is always free and wise to check before doing it. Specially if you're not sure.

Information or inquires relevant to "Copyright" can be directed to our legal department at

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